The Duplass Brothers (the Princes of the independent film world) have launched a crowdsourcing rally called Hometown Heroes hosted through Seed & Spark, a crowdsourcing platform similar to Kickstarter. The rally is looking for projects that are “bringing diverse stories rooted in real communities to the screen.” As you already know, we’ve been adamant about bringing our community to the screen through projects like Women Among Us, and our decision to base our company in Bellingham instead of moving to a more film-centric town like Los Angeles. Discovering Ella -- her all but forgotten literary significance -- has become the epitome of our work thus far. We can’t believe such an incredible woman’s legacy has not endured, even in her own community.


This rally is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for to bring Ella back into the world. We cannot think of a better Hometown Hero than her. We are absolutely beside ourselves with this opportunity.


It’s imperative to our success that we let you know how much we need your support during the rally. Here’s the info:


The campaigns that receive a minimum of 500 backers, and $7500 in funding will become finalists in the rally. Once we’re a finalist – we have 10 days to send the Duplass Brothers a final pitch video explaining our budget needs, and why our project is worthy of their investment.  If we are selected, our project will receive up to $25,000, access to equipment, and the Duplass Brothers as executive producers.


Yep, we have goosebumps.


We can’t thank you enough for supporting us. Please check in with us on Seed & Spark for content and more updates!





A discussion regarding the lack of male nudity in mainstream media: wherein two pissed off filmmakers ask why the larger culture PROTECTS the tallywacker, and EXPECTS the beaver.


Aside from being the first Poet Laureate of Washington state, an internationally published writer, Ella Higginson, a Bellingham local, also wrote screenplays. Never heard of her? Neither did we. Sadly, the majority of Whatcom County remembers little of this prolific writer. Why this amazing woman fell into obscurity resonates deeply with the status quo of women's involvement in modern day film-making. We are picking up where Ella left off, continuing to push the envelope forward for women in film, and adapting her screenplay Just Like the Men into a movie.

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American Pizza is multimedia animation with an evolving story line following the employees of a corporate pizza franchise. It focuses on the often ridiculous and silly interactions with customers and other day to day scenarios faced while working at an American themed, low-end restaurant. We currently have Season 1 written and are going to begin shooting in 2017.


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