"Working with Talking To Crows has been a very rewarding experience, personally and professionally. I would highly recommend their services --offered with warmth and finesse--to anyone who is looking to jump start a business and or give a shot of adrenaline to an existing successful business.


I would absolutely work with this agency again and have found it easy to refer them often and with high praise to other small businesses that I encounter.  The inherent nature of my work has me frequently partnering with other small businesses who are looking to expand upon their current success, so when it comes to the multi media platforms that are available for people who are interested but, like me, do not necessarily possess the time or skills to execute, Partnering with Stacey and Cassidy has been a gold mine to say the very least, and every dollar has been well spent.


As an anecdote, I think that the adaptability of any small business is often key to their success. By collaborating with me,  TTC has the added adventure of visiting my art studio 55 steps up from the charming and vibrant street scene in Fairhaven Washington.

So they get to have cardio and culture-- as if carrying cameras and tripods umbrellas lights etc is not enough, they offer such a generous house-call services and always with a smile.

Five stars & many thanks ladies!



Ben Mann Studios

"We had an amazing time working with Talking to Crows! They were all so professional yet laid back and easy to work with. We never once felt intimidated or put off. Plus the ideas they bring to the table are magical!


Would we recommend Talking to Crows? YES, YES, and YES! Anytime we can collaborate again we are so down!

In fact we have already recommended TTC to other people looking for video production work.



Local Ghost Band

"Working with Stacy and Cassidy of Talking to Crows was a pure delight. They bring a perfect combination of fun and creative ideas to compliment my project management skills resulting in a fresh presentation for my clients.


As my business grows, it's a relief to know that I can call on Stacy and Cassidy to her handle the work load. I plan on using them more and more as my business continues to grow. It also feels good to know that if I get so busy I can't manage any new clients, I can feel confident referrals will be taking well care of.


While working with Stacy and Cassidy a very important discovery was made. We all have a fear of sharks and formed a support group. But on a serious note, they do support a lot of great causes and it feels good to support people who are investing in the community.



One World Productions

"As a video producer for over 15 years, I’m always looking for great people to work with – so I’m thrilled to have met Cassidy Young and the crew at “Talking to Crows.” I’ve had the pleasure of working with Cassidy on several projects now, and I love the professionalism, talent and creative energy she brings to every project. She’s not only talented, she’s a good person that I can trust to deliver and follow through. I think she’d be a great addition to any team.



EJ Visuals

"The team from Talking to Crows were wonderful to work with for the CASCADIA International Women's Film Festival. They created a very professional and compelling trailer for the festival within a very short timeframe. They delivered to us a finished product that we were proud to use and are still using to promote next year's festival.  Would we work with them again? We most definitely will and look forward to their producing another trailer for us next year!



CASCADIA International Women's Film Festival

Executive Director

"It has been such a pleasure working with the talented, dynamic crew of Talking to Crows. I would work with them again in a heartbeat. I recommend them enthusiastically to anyone whose project requires a team of people with outstanding visual media skills who deliver excellent results.



Professor, Department of English

Western Washington University

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